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In Sept. 2012 I purchased a pair of Ideal Feet orthotics from the store located on North Penn. across from Penn Square Mall. I bought the life time warranty along with a pair of the athletic shoes that was sold there. Since then I had to have the orthotics replaced twice and there was no problem doing so. However, I need to have them replaced again and I went back to the store just to find out that it was closed. I knew that it was another... Read more

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Paid about $500 for custom orthotics. Product was great-went from 24/7 pain in my knee, leg, and back to no pain at all!! Before buying the inserts, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs; after buying the inserts, I'm walking 1 or 2 miles daily, playing golf, working out at the gym, etc. HOWEVER, I was told they were guaranteed for life. Mine have now failed (cracked/collapsed, etc.) and hear they've gone out of business. It's bad enough... Read more

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Horrible. Go to your podiatrist. Run, wheel...basically get away from these scam artists. Aaron. Kathy Griffin. Horrrible, awful people. Huge scam. No recourse. Add comment

My granddaughter is a twin and was born with clubbed feet, due to crowding. She over- pronates when she walks. Inserts were purchased, and came with a guarantee that larger ones would be provided as her feet grew larger. Since then, the store has closed, and we cannot get larger ones. These inserts were purchased at the store located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would advise anyone who has need of inserts to see an orthopedist or a podiatrist,... Read more

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Purchased inserts, lifetime guarantee at the Tulsa, OK store on 61st and Mingo. Went by Tulsa store today and found out they are closed with no working numbers posted in the window. What do we do from here? Is there another location we can go to for the upgrade or our monies back? This is very poor customer service. Was the lifetime guarantee just a set up to take our money or do we still have some sort of recourse? I'll try the home office... Read more

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It is really sad to see all these complaints and what has happened to Ideal Feet. ANY guarantee is only good till the business dies. Here's the deal in my opinion. All the store could ever be is a cheaper ( and I do mean less expensive) alternative to custom orthotics for people who suffer from simple plantar faciaitis. All these other feet and ankle problems that people speak of should have been handled by a orthopedic doctor from the get... Read more

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I bought a set of orthotics a couple of years ago and went to the store today to get a replacement pair because they supposedly had a lifetime warranty. To my dismay they are gone. They promissed a follow up call when I got the original pair, no call. My inserts were good and have helped. But now I'm up the creek without an insert. Add comment

What a bunch of crooks, I spent well over $800.00 on pads and socks and shoes all promised to help my feet, knees, hips and back. When I starting having more pain then when I went in the store I went back. They would not refund any of the money, but they changed out all the pads and I still had horrible pain. I have gone back 7 times, to a different person each time and never got any foot relief, as a matter of fact my feet are way worse now.... Read more

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The store closed and the company will not honor 1 stores lifetime warranty. I'm out $500.00. They had good service and a good product but I now need replacements due to wear and use. With out replacements I will be back to using my cane in 6 months. I really did not like that the Main Corp. which I contacted in Texas would not honor another stores product. I would have driven to Texas from Arkansas to get refitted and continue to walk pain free... Read more

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I bought a set of shoe inserts and paid over $500.00. I went today to get a replacement and found out that the store closed down completely and according to another orthotic store they explained to me that the corporation completely dissolved! So I am very upset like so many that I would be misled that I would have lifetime warranty/replacements. I also am out over $500.00 without... Read more

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