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Do not use "Ideal Feet". They do not have a refund policy. You pay about $400 for $5 worth of plastic. I had tried every shoe insert I could find at shoe stores, walmart, academy, thermoformable inserts from my podiatrist, you name it. Endured heel pain and planter fascitis for about 5 years. Tried Ideal_Feet inserts after hearing about them on a radio advertisement. I was desperate for relief. Paid around $400 for the set of stuff they give you. Tried the ideal feet for about 2 months, at first I thought they might be helping, but eventually the pain was worse when using the ideal-feet product.

I gave up on finding anything that helped much. About 2 years later (3 months ago) a co-worker recommended walk-fit. His wife had purchased them for him from bed, bath & beyond or some store chain like that. I bought mine on ebay for $18 including shipping. Felt huge relief within days and now I hardly ever think about the pain in my heel, because it is almost non-existent. I promise you, I have nothing to gain by saying this. I wish someone had told me about walk-fit sooner.

The walk-fit insert comes with 3 different levels of interchangeable arch supports. (Ideal-feet only has one). I would recommend starting out with the smaller one for a couple weeks and then move up a size. I now use the largest arch support, but it takes awhile to condition your feet to be ready to move up to it. Start out wearing the inserts for about an hour the first day, 2 hours the next and gradually work into all day. Your arches will be sore until your feet get conditioned to them.

The insert takes much of the weight off your heel and transfers it to your arch. It also stretches out the arch, which is the most important part of the remedy. I saw some reviews about regarding their shipping service that wasn't too good. So I would not purchase directly from but rather through a seller on ebay. There are several. I chose one with good ratings by ebay. Good luck.... it's worth $18 to give $5 worth of plastic a try... not $400.

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I've had plantar fasciitis for a little over a year now and have tried every solution except surgery. Ideal Feet has a lot of radio commercials in my area, so, after a few weeks of thought and serious contemplation, I tried the place out. The lady that helped me was real generous in her explanations to my questions and told me there is a 98% success rate out-the-door. This was appealing. She got me set up with a pair of shoes (didn't have to buy them, but I needed a new pair anyway), soft inserts, and hard "trainer" inserts. We walk up to counter to check out, she rings everything up, and the total was over $600. Yes, $600 dollars. Let me write that again.. $600! This knocked me back a little bit. I'm not proud of this, but, if you have ever had problems with your feet, you know you'll go to just about any length to make them better. That's the idea I had in mind about this situation; that they would get better. About three weeks go by and after following the rules that are given, my feet still hurt. This was obviously very discouraging and disappointing. I continued the process for quite sometime and.....still no relief. As you can assume, I stopped wearing the inserts and went on (and am currently seeking) to find a better solution. I haven't even told you the best part of the story..

Remember how it cost over $600?

There are no refunds if the product doesn't work.


Interesting instructions for the $18 walk-fit above: essentially this is what the Ideal-Feet sales guy told me to do (were I to buy the product):

Put the aggressive insert ("trainer") in for 1 hour, 2 hours, ... each day -- even sitting around. Wear the modest insert otherwise, until the feet were ready to wear the "trainer" full time.

Hmm...$18 vs $400? Not hard.


If you have plantar fascitis, put a couple of golf balls in a small bag. Roll the arch area over the golf balls for about 15 minutes a day. It should take care of the problem.


Ideal Feet are nothing but scam artists.


I had the same heel pain and also bought Ideal Feet.I've worn walkfits but they didn't work for me.

Then I heard walkfits company lost a lot of fraud lawsuits. The folks at Ideal Feet always offer free help whenever I need it. They don't do money back, but they told me that before I bought. You get to try them on before you buy anything.

If you have any problems go back and see them. They've always been helpful.

I love my Ideal Feet.I'm pain free!!!

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